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7/6/12 WOD

Sorry for the lack of updates…the holiday really threw things off for me, but I’m not worried lol…

Got a few muscle ups today, but didn’t get to link any. That should come to me over time. At least they don’t seem to be an issue for me anymore.

A.  DL from a low rack cluster, x 6, rest 2 minutes (was my mod for my lower back)

10 down to 1
clean and jerk @ 95# (Rx for men was 135#)
(after each set 1/2/3/4.. do 1 round of 5 pull ups + 10 push ups + 15 squats)
14:58…but I had to sub down to rounds of Cindy of 3/6/9 for rounds 6-8 and had to get rid of the pull ups in the last 2 rounds after tearing my left hand. So for the last 2 rounds I did 10 push ups and 15 squats.

Overall, it was a pretty solid day. Lolz…I even wore my Minimus Mx20s on the golf course today. 


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