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7/6/12 WOD

Sorry for the lack of updates…the holiday really threw things off for me, but I’m not worried lol…

Got a few muscle ups today, but didn’t get to link any. That should come to me over time. At least they don’t seem to be an issue for me anymore.

A.  DL from a low rack cluster, x 6, rest 2 minutes (was my mod for my lower back)

10 down to 1
clean and jerk @ 95# (Rx for men was 135#)
(after each set 1/2/3/4.. do 1 round of 5 pull ups + 10 push ups + 15 squats)
14:58…but I had to sub down to rounds of Cindy of 3/6/9 for rounds 6-8 and had to get rid of the pull ups in the last 2 rounds after tearing my left hand. So for the last 2 rounds I did 10 push ups and 15 squats.

Overall, it was a pretty solid day. Lolz…I even wore my Minimus Mx20s on the golf course today. 


06/28/12 Rest Day

Sure, it was a rest day, but I didn’t eat like it was one. BAD. No bueno, my friends.

I’m glad I’m writing this stuff down though so I can see the changes that need to be made. Just kipping it real and being honest with you guys here.

Now I believe I should do at least some light physical activity around the time I usually hit up CrossFit for the sake of productivity and my proper nutrition.


For Time:
30 squat cleans @ 95/65# (did 75#)
40 box jumps, 24/20″ (20″)
20 squat cleans @ 115/75# (95#)
30 box jumps, 24/20″
10 squat cleans @ 135/95# (115#)
20 box jumps, 24/20″


Had to switch to the smaller box and had to start dropping the barbell from the top of the squat clean due to a slight strain on my lower back. Luckily tomorrow’s a rest day, so hopefully I should be fine by Friday.

Shit I need to update this…6/26/12

A.1 CG Bench Press, 21X0, 5 x 5-7, rest 60 seconds
A.2 Wide grip BB Row, 42X1, 5 x 5-7, rest 60 seconds
15 push press, 95/65#
300 meter row
15 burpees
15 pull ups
rest/walk for 3 minutes x 3 rounds

CGB: 95/115/115/125 (6)/125 (5)
BOR: 75/75/75/95/95
WOD: 95# PP with 400m run – 3:21/5:30 (lolz)/4:56

My New Balance Minimus shoes have definitely been helping me out. You can read my review on them here:

WOD 5/9/12

4 rounds:
12 hang power cleans (135#/95#) Rx baby
4 x (30 sec AMRAP burpee lateral bar hops and 30 sec AMRAP double unders)
rest 2 minutes

There was barely enough rest time, just like yesterday’s WOD…woof! After round 1, I couldn’t do all 12 HPC’s within the 30 second allotment. Here’s how I did overall (I just counted the total reps of the burpee lateral bar hops and dubs…too much to keep track of individually):

Round 1: All 12 HPC’s + 97
Round 2: 10 HPC + 105
Round 3: 8 HPC + 79
Round 4: 9 HPC + 95

I believe my new rope held me back a bit. Unfortunately, I measured the length of my old, STRETCHED OUT rope…so I have to wait for a shorter replacement cable to come in the mail. Oh well lol.

The KippingItReal Workout Blog

Originally, I didn’t know what to do with this blog, as I thought it would just be for planning out and sketching blog posts on my main website. Then I realize, who the fuck would read that?

For serious, that kind of will get boring. No one wants to read that kind of bullshit.

So for those of you who want to actually get some inspiration or get an idea of what a CrossFit workout is like, I’ll be using this blog to log all my workouts. Think of it as a win-win for all of us. One of my biggest flaws when it comes to CrossFit is keeping track of shit. That’s both with workouts and nutrition. Sure, I can remember some things, but that’s just a pain in the ass if you don’t remember what weights you used last time, etc.

Okay, this is for yesterday’s WOD 5/7/12:

A.1 Front Squat,, rest 30 seconds

A.2 Weighted Pull up, 4 x 3-5, rest 30 seconds
15# of 4 reps for set 1, then sets of 3-4 bodyweight pull ups after

A.3 DB bulgarian split squats, 4 x 5/side, rest 30 seconds

A.4 Wide grip strict chin up, 4 x amrap, rest 2 minutes

25 sec. banded sprint @ 100%
rest 90 sec. x 5

The sprints were WOOF…almost met pukie

Just Some Ramblings About CrossFit

Hey, CrossFitters! In case you haven’t checked out my blog before, I run Of course, not everything I write may fit in there, so I’ll be using this site to just ramble on about things.

Think of it as my sketch pad for blogging.

I’ll just write whatever comes to mind here whenever I happen to have writer’s block.